Otto Menu



Homemade Granola                    14

crunchy muesli, coconut yoghurt & seasonal fruits

French Toast                   16

homeade brioche, orange mascapone

& poached rhubarb

          with bacon                       20

Moroccan Style Egg            18

fried egg, fresh tomato, feta

& sourdough

Otto's Spicy baked beans      18.5

Black Forest German butcher smoked bratwurst sausage, eggs your way

& sourdough

Prawn Omelette                         23.5

red peppers, pickled fennel. thyme oil 

& sourdough

Veggie Omelette                 18

tomato, spinach & goats cheese with sourdough

Salmon Bagel                     16.5

smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, lemon, capers

Slow Cooked Pork Belly          22.5

crispy potato cake, bacon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce & smokey tomato relish

Eggs Benedict                    

classic bacon benedict                 19.5

salmon benedict with spinach       22.5

vegetarian mushrooms & spinach  19.5

Eggs on Toast                    13.5

Toast & Preserves                7.5


Free Range Bacon / sausage /         5

spicy beans                                    5

Avocado / tomatoes / mushroom     4

Gluten Free Bread                          2

Handcut fries w. aioli / tom relish   8

Lamb Fattoush Salad              22.5

slow cooked pulled lamb, heirloom tomatoes, pickled radishes, tzatziki dressing

Duck Risotto                        23

confit duck & spinach

Seasonal Gnocchi      v                      22

seasonal vegetable, walnut pesto truffle oil

Beef Brisket Burger               19.5

slow cooked beef burger on a brioche bun, southern style BBQ sauce, spicey gherkins & hand cut fries

Beer Battered Fish & Chips       19.5

NZ Tarakihi, hand cut fries & green salad

Chicken Liver Pate                 16

house baked brioche & brioche

Ploughman's Lunch                  19

slow cooked beef cheek, pickled onions, Kapiti cheddar cheese, tamarillo chutney

Chicken Salad                                 22.5

poached chicken and barley salad with pomegranate & orange dressing

Croque Monsieur                   12.5

ham, swiss cheese, bechamel sauce, green salad & cornichons

Otto's House Pie                  10.5

beef & mushroom

      with green salad                       15

For more goodness or a sweet treat, check out our food cabinet near the counter!

Almost every meal on our menu has a Gluten Free option, ask your waiter/waitress.

We only use Free Range eggs & bacon.