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Otto Eatery

Otto Eatery is the daytime half of downtown Tauranga hospitality duo Oscar and Otto. From early morning  seven days a week - Otto is your go to for great coffee, brunch and snacks, fabulous friendly service and a great waterfront view.

Oscar & Otto cafe
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fresh flavour

Cafe-eatery Otto is more than just your regular cafe.

The central Tauranga eatery on The Strand offers everything you expect from a great cafe - including top coffee, cabinet food items and spacious outdoor seating. 

 But it lifts the bar with its focus on inspired breakfast and lunch dishes, a top wine list and friendly table service.

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Otto's fabulous guest-focused team are driven to give you a consistently great cafe experience. They want to know your name and what you like. They want you to feel like its your place. They love being a key part of the community for their loyal family.

Otto Cafe setting.jpg
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